International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Studies

Registration text: 

For the August 1 - 2 Academic Conference

The conference is open to everyone who would like to participate. Registration is required. Participants must attend the conference in order to present their paper and non-presenting co-authors who want to attend the conference also need to register as “attending only”. A participant can present a total of two papers (in all forms) at the conference.

For the August 3 - 4 Professional Knowledge Exchange Breakout Sessions

The 15 breakout sessions are open to everyone who what to particpate in the panel discussion. Pick your area of interst from the session and specify whether you will be particpating in the discussion or attending only.  

Registration includes:
• Unlimited admission to the conference and sessions
• Presentation of the accepted paper at the scheduled time
• Printed copy of conference program and other material
• Publication of papers in the conference proceedings journal
• Publication of selected peer-reviewed papers in the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Business, Technology, and Education


Registration steps: 
Prepare your Abstract and Paper
Submit your Abstract/Paper
Use the guideline to submit
Key benefits text: 

• Conference presentation opportunities
• Publication of conference papers in the conference journal
• Establish networking opportunities with fellow researchers for future collaboration in research and publication
• Refine and further develop research ideas through formal and informal discussion and feedback

The conferences also invites visitors to learn the current research and publication. Please use the link ( next) to register as a visitor.