“Bring Minds Together – Bridge the Gap”

The ongoing Ethiopian political reform and the grand vision of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has fueled interest in the Ethiopian Diaspora communities to share their experience in the public sector, industry, and the academic world. During his visit to the US, the Prime Minister called on the Diaspora community to come back and serve the country.  In line with this call to service, TASFA and EDSI have launched several projects to support the country at the federal and regional government levels. These initiatives include developing a skills supply and demand mapping platform, organizing knowledge exchange sessions, working with institutions to improve efficiency and capacity building; and coordinating an international conference on interdisciplinary research studies.  

This multidisciplinary International conference is designed to serve as a meeting place for scholar practitioners, academicians, researchers, policy makers, and students to exchange ideas on the challenges, opportunities, emerging trends, best practices, and innovative ideas in their fields. The theme for this year’s conference is “Bring Minds Together – Bridge the Gap”.

Conference Objectives

• To promote a dialog on the current challenges, opportunities, and trends among scholars and practitioners around the world
• Provide a venue for academicians, scholar practitioners, and policy makers to share their research findings, contributions, and discussissues
• Contribute to bridge the gap in knowledge and understanding between the academic, private, and publicsectors
• Foster collaboration and the development of ideas

Conference Categories

The conference will include: 
• Plenary Session 
• ICIRS –TASFA’s 1st Conference on Transforming Government Efficiency through Knowledge Exchange Workshops
• Engineering Education Conference and Engineering Pedagogy 
• African Conference on Information Systems and Technology
A brief summary of each category is provided below. 

Plenary Session (August 1, 2019)

The plenary session is the official opening ceremony for the conference and the August service month events. In this one-day session the following activities will be performed
• Keynote address
• Report from TASFA’s leadership team
• Best practices, lessons learned, and emerging trends in the public sector

Transforming Government Efficiency through Knowledge Exchange Workshops(August 2-3, 2019) 

Following the plenary session, there will be a two-day workshop on Transforming Government Efficiency through Knowledge Exchange organized into breakout sessions to allow for knowledge exchange and dialogue between local and Diaspora professionals in different disciplines. The breakout sessions will focus on the exchange of lessons learned, best practices, industry trends, and gap analysis. Participants in the breakout sessions will be comprised of: 
• Local Subject Matter Experts (SME) in different disciplines in Ethiopia. The Ministry/agency corresponding to the discipline will be responsible for proposing the local participating experts 
• Diaspora Subject Matter Experts engaged in different disciplines outside of Ethiopia. TASFA/EDSI has got commitment from and is working to mobilize Diaspora SMEs from all over the world for each break-out session. 
Each breakout session can be considered a mini conference for the selected field and will be led by two professionals, one from Ethiopia (point of contact from the selected Ministry) and the other from the Diaspora (recommended professional in the field), to plan, select topics and panel members, and provide overall oversight for the session. The following eight breakout sessions have been identified. 

1. Legal, Human Resources & Community Development 
2. Peace, Regional Security, Diplomacy, Public Affairs, Government Relations, and Civic Society
3. Engineering (City and Regional Development, Water, Irrigation & Electricity, Construction,  Nuclear Energy, 
4. Culture, Hospitality, Customer Service, Human Resources and Community Development 
5. Transportation and Logistics
6. Science, Technology,  and Education
7. Health,Agriculture and Natural Resources
8. Finance, Investment, Trade, and Economic Development 

Engineering Education Conference and Engineering Pedagogy (August 2-3)

The 5th Engineering Education conference and hands-on workshop sessions will be held on the campus of AAiT. The 4th conference that was conducted in April 18-21 at Jimma University was a success. The 100+ engineering faculty members who participated from 29 different universities returned to their respective campuses after receiving hands-on training using the latest ECE portable laboratory instrumentation, and SCL pedagogy training that improves the way they teach engineering courses. 
African Conference on Information Systems and Technology (August 2-3)
The 2019 (5th) proceedings of ACIST focuses on how African societies are leveraging and can leverage the smart capabilities in digital technologies to address organizational and societal challenges. Technology-enabled solutions offer solutions to many of these challenges. Digital technologies are increasingly becoming integral to and interdependent with the African society.

Conference Organizers

International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research Studies (ICIRS)
Teach and Serve for Africa/Ethiopian Diaspora Service Initiative (TASFA/EDSI)
Ethiopian Diaspora Agency
Ministry of Innovation and Technology 
Innovation and Technology Institute

Conference Sponsors and Participants 

The following governmental and private sector organizations will take the lead in direct participation and sponsorship. 

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency | Ethiopian Civil Service Commission | Ethiopian Embassy Washington DC | Ministry of Innovation and Technology | Innovation and Technology Institute | Ministry of Transport | Ministry of Irrigation, Water, and Electricity | Ministry of Peace | Ministry of Health | Ministry of Urban Development and Construction | Ministry of Science and Higher Education | Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Corporation | Ethiopian Airlines | Addis Ababa City Government |Amhara Regional Government |Oromia Regional Government 

Proposed Venue

African Union (AU)

Conference Website



The conference is open to all professionals who would like to participate. Registration is required. Use the conference link above to register. 
Conference Sponsors Management 
Please contact us at info@tasfa.org for detailed information on different levels of sponsorship. 

Conference Organization

Conference Co‐chairs:  Mr. SandokanDebebe, Dr. YacobAstatke, Dr. DerejeTessema
The conference organization team is led by Mr. Sandokan Debebe with Ms. Martha Abera serving as the Project Manager. The conference organization team will consist of representatives from the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency and Ministries, Agencies, and Commissions.